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SteelSeries Rival 600 Review

SteelSeries Rival 600 Review

SteelSeries Rival 600

A year ago, SteelSeries reevaluated itself with another scope of smart headsets and an arrival to shape with its notorious gaming mice. This year, we’re seeing a development of the organization’s attention on superior gaming peripherals at focused costs.

The SteelSeries Rival 600 kicks that off with a FPS gaming mouse estimated at just $79 or £79 (about AU$100) yet with all the execution, RGB lighting and broad weight frameworks we’d ordinarily connect with higher-end peripherals. Also, the mouse has an extraordinary double sensor framework.

By and large, you’re getting significantly more mouse than the similarly evaluated $69 (£69, AU$119) Razer DeathAdder Elite and $69 (£69, AU$139) – Roccat Kone EMP.


By all appearances, the Rival 600 resembles the Rival 310 – on steroids. It’s somewhat greater than SteelSeries’ entrance level gaming mouse, yet fortunately it’s no place near being the thick beast that was the Rival 500.

There are additionally, gratefully, altogether less catches on the Rival 600 contrasted with the Rival 500. While its ancestor ran totally over the edge with 15 catches and switches, this mouse just has three side catches notwithstanding the typical left/right snap and parchment wheel. It’s a more engaged setup we acknowledge, and the less complex design likewise prepares for bigger catches in general.

Despite the fact that the Rival 600 doesn’t include quite a bit of SteelSeries’ new two-tone look as observed on its before mice, there’s more utilization of delicate touch completes everywhere throughout the outside of this fringe. Furthermore, the two sides you’ll be grasping the most are fixed with genuinely delicate bits of elastic, guaranteeing an agreeable and firm hold.

Talking about the sides, they’re removable on the Rival 600, uncovering the broad adaptable weight framework. Out of the case, this mouse weighs 96g – that is genuinely normal for a gaming mouse. With the discretionary arrangement of eight additional 4g metal bits (an additional 32g altogether), you can bring the aggregate weight up to 128g.

As somebody who loves an extremely substantial mouse, this essayist adores completely stacking up the Rival 600 for a steadier shot. Obviously, my pleasure to include however numerous you need – up to 256 unique mixes that will likewise change the adjust of the mouse.

Tragically, the separable side holds don’t do much beside giving you access to the weight framework, and SteelSeries discloses to us it doesn’t have any plans for various grasp shapes or included catches for now.

The other greatest plan change the Rival 600 presents is genuine RGB range lighting. With eight zones of lighting, you can not just have this mouse go through various hues yet show a rainbow of tones in the meantime. It’s something we’ve been sitting tight for from SteelSeries mice for some time, and we’re upbeat to state the lighting is so very much diffused, the nature of RGB is keeping pace with that of Razer’s peripherals.


Style aside, the Rival 600 is all around tuned for execution too. This mouse not just packs the TrueMove 3 sensor we came to love on the Sensei 310, yet in addition an auxiliary sensor to prevent your cursor from floating when you lift the mouse off your mousepad or table.

All alone, the TrueMove 3 sensor offers a most extreme affectability of 12,000 tallies for each inch (CPI) and coordinated following at up to 3,500 CPI. With the additional lift-off exactness of the second sensor, this gaming mouse never overlooks anything – notwithstanding when we need to reorient our hand amid extraordinary firefights in Rainbow Six: The Siege.

Lifting off with our mouse and sensor float has frequently driven us to beginning at either the ground or sky, immediately took after by a diversion over screen. The Rival 600’s second sensor totally wipes out this issue.

We didn’t figure SteelSeries could top itself with a much more precise mouse than the Sensei 310, yet the Rival 600 has us completely inspired.

The SteelSeries Rival 600 is an element stuffed gaming mouse well deserving of its $79 or £79 (about AU$100) sticker price. You won’t discover another gaming mouse with a double sensor framework that totally disposes of cursor float and also this fringe. The same runs with the Rival 600’s broad weight framework, yet that may be pivotal for enthusiasts of additional substantial gaming mice, for example, ourselves.

Include the completely adaptable RBG lighting framework, and the SteelSeries Rival 600 is a standout amongst the most altogether present day gaming mice you should look at.

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