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Shure SE215 Wireless Headphones

Shure SE215 Wireless Headphones

Shure SE215 Wireless Headphones

In 2011, we explored the Shure SE215, wired headphones that still solid ludicrously useful at the cost and accompany a removable link. Barely any headphones in this value go offer removable links, which can add a very long time to the life of the item (supplanting a link is a considerable measure less expensive than purchasing a completely new combine). Presently Shure is conveying the swappable link to the remote domain with the SE215 Wireless, Bluetooth headphones with a removable accessory wire. At $149, they convey eminent sound execution, with full, round bass reaction and completely clear highs, and effectively procure our Editors’ Choice on account of the estimation of that replaceable link.

The huge mystery here is that the earpieces are precisely the same found on the wired SE215 show—they’re essentially sold with an alternate link. This implies in the event that you effectively possess and cherish the SE215, you just need to buy the remote Bluetooth link so as to likewise have a remote combine. The awful news is that the link costs $99 all alone—just $50 not as much as the across the board bundle checked on here. In any case, it’s a pleasant method to inhale new life into your more established headphones, particularly if your telephone doesn’t have a 3.5mm jack.


Accessible in dark, translucent blue, clear, or white, each SE215 Wireless model highlights a dark necklace—these hues allude to the earpieces as it were. The included link fits properly at the association point on every earpiece, and highlights an unbending yet bendable area of link intended to go up, finished, and behind the ears.

An inline remote control and mic compartment is situated close to the correct earpiece. It has three catches—a focal catch for playback and call amangement, and in addition to/less catches that control both volume and track route. You’ll additionally locate an elastic link secure for overseeing slack, and a plastic compartment without any associations or controls that rests behind the neck. The included miniaturized scale USB charging link interfaces with a secured port on this compartment.

Notwithstanding the charging link, the SE215 Wireless boats with a shirt cut, an earwax cleaning device for the eartips, and six aggregate sets of eartips in different sizes—three sets are silicone, and three sets are froth eartips that latently shut out a noteworthy swath of surrounding commotion. These extras and the headphones themselves fit inside the included speed up defensive pocket.

It’s eminent that a moment link is excluded. For $30 more, you can essentially buy the substitution link from Shure’s site, which enables you to utilize the headphones in wires or remote mode. It’s only a bit amazing the organization doesn’t offer this packaged, notwithstanding at a slight knock in cost. It is, all things considered, a typical incorporation with Bluetooth earphones (over-ear and on-ear models).

The in-ear fit when utilizing the froth eartips—supported by the additional security the pliant over-ear link segments give—is noteworthy. It’s difficult to get a more steady in-ear fit without going the exclusively shaped course.

Shure SE215-BT1 inlineThe mic offers fair understandability. Utilizing the Voice Memos application on an iPhone 6s, we could see each word we recorded, yet sound was fluffy like you get on a powerless cell association. Notwithstanding for Bluetooth mics it’s entirely powerless, however each word was still sufficiently clear to be comprehended, at any rate.

Shure gauges battery life to be approximately eight hours, yet your outcomes will shift with your volume levels.


On tracks with serious sub-bass substance, as knife The’s “Quiet Shout,” the headphones convey an effective low recurrence reaction, and at top, incautious listening levels, they don’t mutilate. At direct levels, the lows are still very solid, yet they’re not fiercely helped as they are on numerous contending models in this value extend.

Bill Callahan’s “Drover,” a track with far less profound bass in the blend, gives us a superior feeling of the general sound mark. The drums on this track can get madly deafening on some bass-forward headphones, however here they sound full and round—they get the perfect measure of low recurrence nearness without going over the edge. A lot of this needs to do with how well the lows are coordinated with fantastic clearness and detail in the highs. Callahan’s baritone vocals are rich in the low-mids, yet in addition astoundingly fresh and clear. The guitar strums are splendid and cutting, and the higher enlist percussive assaults additionally have some pleasant nearness to them. This is an adjusted sound mark that doesn’t spurn the lows or pack down the highs.

On Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “No Church in the Wild,” the kick drum circle has a solid high-mid nearness, keeping its assault sharp and enabling it to cut through the layers of the blend as one of the more conspicuous components. The sub-bass synth hits that accentuate the beat are conveyed with somewhat more limitation than we regularly hear through in-ears that truly drive the sub-bass frequencies forward. Despite everything you gets some genuine profundity from them, however similarly as capable is the manage of the drum circle, which is given some strong low recurrence pound here. The vocals on this track are altogether conveyed with perfect clearness in the high-mids and highs—they’re fresh, clear, and never excessively sibilant.

Symphonic tracks, similar to the opening scene in John Adams’ The Gospel According to the Other Mary, get an additional push in the lows, bringing the lower enlist instrumentation forward in the blend a bit without things sounding unnatural. The higher enlist metal, strings, and vocals keep up their solid high-mid and high recurrence nearness, the most unmistakable power in the blend, and the additional bass profundity conveys some completion to the blend that it can here and there sound denied of, yet at the same time assumes a supporting part.


The Shure 215 Wireless headphones are basically a secluded framework with both wired and remote task in the event that you purchase the $30 wired link adornment. Indeed, even at that cost—$180—it’s a decent arrangement, and regardless of what you look like at it, these are effortlessly a portion of the best sounding wired or remote headphones available for under $200, period. For $150 or less, we’re likewise aficionados of the Jaybird Freedom 2, the V-Moda Forza, and the JBL Reflect Mini BT, all of which offer strong sound execution, and some of which have more exercise-centered outlines. Be that as it may, Shure’s SE215 Wireless headphones are one of our most loved Bluetooth alternatives we’ve tried, and acquire our Editors’ Choice honor, similarly as the first wired adaptation did.

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