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Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT Headphones Review

Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT Headphones Review

Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT Headphones

Sennheiser’s prosperity with Bluetooth earphones hasn’t been as significant as its accomplishments in the ace sound and wired earphone divisions. With the HD 4.40 BT, we at long last observe the combination of what we’ve sought after in a remote Sennheiser match: a great sound mark (with some supported bass added to the blend) and the usability factor that represents the deciding moment such huge numbers of Bluetooth models. At $99.95 on this writing, the HD 4.40 BT earphones are evaluated to rival some exceptionally solid models, however more than stand their ground. Bass darlings looking for an adjusted sound mark in a basic, moderate outline won’t be disillusioned, and the earphones win our most recent Editors’ Choice in this midrange value point.


The HD 4.40 BT’s circumaural (over-the-ear), shut back outline is accessible in a matte dark complete that is downplayed and great looking. While the earpads are rich and particularly agreeable, the headband could utilize somewhat more cushioning—over longer listening periods, it can make its essence known as recognizable weight on the scalp, yet it’s nothing a touch of modifying can’t settle.

On the privilege earcup’s side board, there are different catches, including the power catch, which additionally puts the earphones in Bluetooth blending mode (there’s likewise a NFC zone on the left earcup for perfect gadgets). Close to the power catch, there’s likewise a catch/switch that works playback and track route by either squeezing or driving the switch forward or in reverse—this catch additionally oversees telephone calls and summons voice controls on your telephone. Close to this catch, there’s a devoted volume rocker, which works in conjunction with your cell phone’s lord volume levels. These controls are natural and essentially laid out. At the point when it’s so natural to get things like this right, it’s an unexpected such huge numbers of organizations get on-ear controls wrong by attempting to relegate excessively numerous errands to a solitary catch.

Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT inlineThe right earcup likewise houses an association for the included 3.5mm sound link. It’s extraordinary that Sennheiser incorporates a link, however we wish it had an inline remote control and mic. At the point when the link is associated, it murders Bluetooth blending and the earphones instantly shut down. The correct ear is additionally where the small scale USB charging link associates.

Sennheiser has a free application you can utilize called CapTune. The application gives you a chance to change EQ, however the earphones sound entirely amazing without it. Consider it a discretionary free additional that not the slightest bit reduces the experience, yet additionally doesn’t include much.

The earphones incorporate double omnidirectional mics for better clearness on calls and when utilizing voice controls. In our tests, the mics offered better than expected understandability—utilizing the Voice Memos application on an iPhone 6s, we could plainly see each word we recorded. Be that as it may, the mics can sound somewhat far away there’s as yet a trace of Bluetooth sound corruption. However, in general, the sound quality is in the higher level of remote earphone mics we’ve tried.

Sennheiser gauges battery life to be approximately 25 hours, however your outcomes will shift with your volume levels. Notwithstanding the charging and sound links, the earphones send with a dark drawstring conveying pocket.


On tracks with extreme sub-bass substance, as knife The’s “Noiseless Shout,” the earphones convey an effective low recurrence reaction that doesn’t misshape at top volume levels and should engage bass darlings. The higher frequencies are not neglected here—there’s a strong adjust to the blend, however this is surely a bass-forward sound mark.

Bill Callahan’s “Drover,” a track with far less profound bass in the blend, gives us a superior feeling of the general sound mark. The drums on this track get some genuine boosting in the sub-bass domain, influencing them to full, round, and rich. Callahan’s baritone vocals get a lot of low-mid nearness, yet get enough in the high-mids to keep them genuinely fresh and characterized. The guitar strums on this track, and in addition the higher enlist percussive hits, likewise have a splendor to them. The sound here is adjusted, however etched, with a lean toward the lows, yet enough definition in the highs.

On Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “No Church in the Wild,” the kick drum circle’s assault has a sharp edge to it that is featured pleasantly by a to some degree etched high-mid and high recurrence reaction. The drum circle additionally gets some genuine included pound in the lows, while the sub-bass synth hits that intersperse the beat are conveyed with profundity and power. Basically, bass darlings will be excited with the HD 4.40 BT’s sound mark—it brings some genuine thunder without giving up definition in the highs.

Instrumental tracks, similar to the opening scene in John Adams’ The Gospel According to the Other Mary, sound dynamic, if fairly etched through the HD 4.40 BT. Once in a while, we hear some additional sub-bass profundity, however for the most part the lower enroll instrumentation sounds regular, while the higher enlist metal, strings, and vocals have an etched, clear, fresh solid. Idealists won’t not become hopelessly enamored with this sound mark, but rather the chiseling isn’t over the best—there’s some pushing of the bass profundity, and some tweaking of the highs.


Sennheiser’s HD 4.40 BT sounds fabulous for a $150 combine of Bluetooth earphones—there’s full, round bass profundity that goes the distance down to the subwoofer domain, coordinated with an unmistakable high recurrence reaction. Add to that an agreeable fit and simple task, and there’s a great deal to like. They more than stand their ground against top picks like the Klipsch Reference On-Ear Bluetooth, the Skullcandy Hesh 3, and the Sony MDR-XB650BT, procuring our Editors’ Choice honor simultaneously. In the event that these are somewhat pricier than what you’re wanting to spend, consider the more moderate JBL E45BT.

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