Logitech G610 Orion Brown Keyboard
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Logitech G610 Orion Brown Keyboard

Logitech G610 Orion Brown Keyboard

Cherry MX key switches are viewed as the highest quality level among mechanical console devotees. They offer a rainbow of material and sound input composes, and they’re worked to last through a large number of presses, so they’ve built up an obsessive after. Logitech perceives this, which is the reason in the wake of building up its own Romer-G key switches for its top of the line gaming consoles, it’s discharged a couple of Cherry MX– wearing consoles. The Logitech G610 Orion Red $69+ at Amazon and Orion Brown consoles are well assembled, moderately basic to the extent highlights, and sensibly estimated at $79+. They don’t exactly achieve Das Keyboard Best Price at Amazon levels of plan, and don’t have USB centers or sound pass-throughs worked in, however they’re great performing consoles that will fulfill Cherry MX fans on a limited financial budget.

Editors’ Note: This survey of the Logitech G610 Orion Brown mechanical console imparts a ton of its data to the Logitech G610 Orion Red, which we additionally tried, and is indistinguishable in configuration, highlights, and cost. The main distinction between the two models is the particular model of key switches utilized. See the “Cherry MX” area beneath for more points of interest.


Try not to expect any obtrusive gaming-themed elaborate twists with the G610. This console is worked to look utilitarian, with a rectangular shape and couple of additional highlights or controls; it doesn’t have a USB center point. This doesn’t mean the console has no additional items; they’re simply escaped easygoing looks. The keys are all illuminated by dimmable white LEDs, and when they aren’t on the keys look totally typical. An arrangement of playback controls, alongside Game, Light, and Mute catches, sit on the upper-right corner of the console as level, roundabout catches that don’t emerge (but on the other hand are illuminated). A wide volume wheel rests simply over the playback controls, offering simple volume change with a flick of the thumb. The wheel is so straightforward and available that I wish it could be customized to perform different capacities, as well; I would have wanted to see a flip change to give it a chance to work like a mouse scroll wheel.

Lighting and Programmability

The consoles totally do not have any kind of wrist rest, yet you get three stature modifications. A settled arrangement of two sets of flip-out feet on the back of each G610 can lift it up four or eight degrees, contingent upon your tastes. The G610’s lights may be white as opposed to diverse, however you can at present make some fun customizations to them through Logitech’s product, similarly as you can with the Logitech G910. While you can’t change the hues, you can pick between different lighting impacts like a moderate flood of light over the keys, irregular starlike twinkling, and lighting individual keys and zones. You can likewise synchronize the lighting designs with other Logitech G-arrangement gadgets, similar to mice and headsets.

Other than lighting, you can program the G610 to play out some convenient capacities. The F-keys can be exclusively set with various macros for your recreations, with per-amusement profile bolster accessible through the Logitech G programming. You can likewise specifically handicap distinctive keys when in Game mode, available by tapping the Game key on the console’s upper-right corner (the Windows key is debilitated of course in this mode).

These programmable capacities can be gotten to through the free Logitech Gaming Software control board, accessible for both Mac and Windows. It’s a genuinely immediate, simple to-utilize interface that gives the greater part of the standard programmable console capacities you require, such as setting macros for work keys, and setting profiles for various practices in various amusements. It’s a similar programming utilized by Logitech’s gaming headsets and mice, so on the off chance that you don’t utilize anything, however, Logitech gaming items you can control them all from a similar place.

Cherry MX

In making the G610, Logitech shunned its own particular Romer-G enter switches for the Cherry MX mechanical key switches dearest by such huge numbers of console fans for quite a long time. Romer-G key switches are as yet the staples in Logitech’s higher-end, multicolor-illuminated G810 and G910 consoles. The utilization of Cherry MX switches appears to be more similar to an admission to those aficionados than whatever else, and the alternative is welcome. The two variants of the G610 are named after the key switches they utilize: The G610 Orion Brown uses Cherry MX Brown key switches, and the G610 Orion Red uses Cherry MX Red.

The distinction between the two switches is unpretentious. They’re both non-clicky, so you don’t need to stress over seeming like you’re pounding the life out of a as you write. The key refinement is the incitation. Cherry MX Red switches are direct, which means they go down and return up with no physical input (other than the switches achieving the cutoff of their scope of movement). Cherry MX Brown switches consolidate material criticism; there are slight knocks toward the finish of each switch’s scope of movement, giving a slight yet unmistakable feeling when you press a key. Obviously, on the off chance that you need a console that snaps uproariously with each keystroke, you’ll need to look somewhere else; you won’t locate that sort of music with Cherry MX Brown or Red switches.

The nonstandard catches on the G610 consoles (playback controls, Mute, Light, Game mode) don’t utilize mechanical key switches, and ought to be treated with a genuinely light touch. Obviously, they likewise wouldn’t be utilized so much as the standard keys, so it’s not a noteworthy concern.


I tried the two adaptations of the G610. Other than the slight material input of the Brown form, the consoles felt indistinguishable, with the same 45-gram incitation constrain and 2mm activation remove that makes them both capacity well under a light touch. They likewise both felt suitably solid, enduring the disappointed blasts and slaps that happen when I make a similar mistake again and again. Cherry MX keys are evaluated to withstand a huge number of keystrokes, and joined with the blocky outline of the console body had no issue regardless of how hard or quick my fingers functioned. The G610 doesn’t exactly achieve the sentiment impenetrable form nature of the Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate, however; Das Keyboard consoles feel slightly heavier and more strong than the G610. Logitech’s assemble quality is an expert and the Cherry MX key switches are unquestionably sound (Das Keyboard utilizes Cherry MX Brown and clicky Cherry MX Blue switches), yet Das Keyboard has a touch of an edge in that you-can-utilize it-as-a-truncheon feeling that influences mechanical consoles to feel so great to utilize.

The G610 consoles hold up well for both gaming and general utilize, and the two coders and gamers will probably be fulfilled by their execution I utilized the G610 Red as my essential console when playing Overwatch, and had no issues with input slack or key ghosting, or encountered some other irritating peculiarities. I likewise wrote this whole audit on the G610 Brown. Regarding key feel and responsiveness, I found no grievances with the G610 consoles.

Logitech’s G610 Orion Red and Orion Brown consoles are honorable endeavors to speak to console idealists who swear by Cherry MX key switches and don’t need the kaleidoscopic lighting of the Romer G– utilizing G810 and G910 consoles. The two forms of the G610 have dimmable, programmable white lighting and a couple of accommodation highlights, however they’re generally deliberately considerably more stark and utilitarian than their more costly kin. Their $120 sticker prices may appear to be steep to console laypeople, yet devotees of mechanical consoles will perceive the cost as exceptionally sensible. The Das Keyboard 4 Professional remains our Editors’ Choice for its much more strong feel, clicky Cherry MX Blue alternative, and implicit two-port USB 3.0 center. On the off chance that you would prefer not to burn through $170 on your mechanical console, however, Logitech has some extremely decent, substantially more reasonable choices in the G610s.

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