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Jaybird X3 Headphones Review

Jaybird X3 Headphones Review

Jaybird X3 Headphones

Jaybird has a lot of rivalry in the activity centered remote headphone office, yet the organization keeps on discharging incredible sounding items that assistance raise the standard for the whole classification. The Jaybird X3 remote headphones aren’t the slightest costly we’ve tried at $129.99, however they convey strong bass reaction and all around characterized highs, fit safely and serenely, and highlight a sweatproof configuration that is perfect for the exercise center. There’s nothing progressive about the X3s, yet they sound incredible and accompany a lot of frill, so they win our Editors’ Choice honor.


Accessible in dark, military green, red, or white and gold, the X3 are jewelry style headphones that can be worn behind or before the neck. Discretionary ear blades include a level of steadiness, however the eartips alone will give a sufficiently safe fit to generally clients. The eartips are sweatproof and sufficiently little to fit under protective caps, making them perfect for work out. Inside, 6mm drivers convey the sound.

Jaybird X3The X3 deliver with many adornments, including a liberal cluster of eartips in different sizes (six aggregate sets, three in silicone, three in Comply froth) and discretionary ear balances (three sets, S, M, and L), a miniaturized scale USB charging link that uses a support style association with snap on to the inline remote control compartment for charging, two link secures, a shirt cut, and a defensive pocket.

One inconvenience: The left and right earpieces are not marked, but rather you can recollect the inline remote control compartment is nearest to the correct ear. You can likewise switch the left and right channels with the free cell phone application, clarifying the absence of markings yet appearing to be quite pointless. The remote is of the three-catch assortment, with a focal multifunction catch for playback and call administration. Volume here and there controls work in conjunction with your gadget’s lord volume levels. The volume catches additionally twofold as track route catches, an inexorably basic outline that we’re not enormous fanatics of—it’s anything but difficult to hold the conservative reasoning you’ll bit by bit raise the volume and rather skirting the track you’re tuning in to.

Jaybird’s sidekick application, MySound, is very helpful. You can set your own tweaked EQ, or tune in to EQ profiles from different Jaybird-utilizing competitors. The capacity to tune in to other competitor’s profiles is perfect, yet the capacity to tweak your own settings is the most engaging viewpoint.

You can associate the X3 to two gadgets at the same time. Jaybird gauges battery life to be about eight hours, however your outcomes will differ with your volume levels.


Most importantly, we tried the X3’s sound execution without utilizing the MySound application, yet it is anything but difficult to include some additional (or tone down a bit) brilliance or bass push to the headphones. When all is said in done, without the application, you get a bass-forward sound mark, however not one that bombshells the general adjust without-of-control low-end, similar to the case with numerous activity centered headphones. There’s the same amount of fresh, clear top of the line to appreciate, and you can change it to suit your tastes with the application.

On tracks with extraordinary sub-bass substance, as knife The’s “Quiet Shout,” the headphones offer capable profound bass reaction. At top, incautious listening levels, the bass doesn’t misshape, and the lows are still very exceptional at more direct volumes, however charmingly offset with a strong nearness in the high-mids.

Bill Callahan’s “Drover,” a track with far less profound bass in the blend, gives us a superior thought of the X3’s general sound mark. The drums on this track can sound overwhelmingly substantial and deafening on bass-substantial headphones, however the X3 give them a magnificent included bass profundity without sounding unnatural. The drums’ round pound and Callahan’s baritone vocals get a lot of low and low-mid extravagance, however the vocals and guitar strumming likewise advantage from a high-mid that draws out the definition, clearness, and freshness of the blend. This is an etched sound mark, for certain, however with a lot of full-sounding bass profundity and splendid, characterized highs.

On Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “No Church in the Wild,” the kick drum circle gets enough high-mid nearness for its assault to hold a sharp shape and cut through the layers of the blend. The sub-bass synth hits that accentuate the beat are conveyed with capable low-end pound. The vocals on this track get the perfect high-mid and high recurrence nearness—there’s astounding lucidity without things consistently sounding excessively sibilant or unforgiving.


In case you’re searching for gigantic, unchecked bass execution to propel you amid your exercise, look to the JLab Epic2 BluetoothBest Price at Amazon, yet don’t expect astounding parity like the X3 convey. We’re additionally devotees of the Bose SoundSport Wireless$149.00 at Amazon, the Jabra Sport Coach$80.71 at Amazon, and the more moderate JBL Reflect Mini BT$77.00 at Amazon in the remote, work out centered domain. The Jaybird X3 are decently estimated for what you get, in any case: a flock of extras, a protected, work out inviting fit, and in particular, a phenomenal, adjustable sound experience that will help inspire you amid your exercises. That settles on them our Editors’ Choice for in-ear work out centered Bluetooth headphones.

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