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Creative Sound BlasterX Siege K04 Review

Creative Sound BlasterX Siege K04 review

Creative Sound BlasterX Siege K04

Alongside their new Vanguard K08 gaming console, Creative has additionally tossed its cap into the gaming mouse ring, with the Sound BlasterX Siege M04.

As the two were created as one, they share the utilization of Omron switches, have the Aurora lighting innovation and utilize a similar element customisation device.

Also, while the K08 console had a couple of wrinkles, the Siege K04 Gaming Mouse is an inside and out more sure strike on a famously extreme market segment.


Leaving brightening and catch customisation aside for the time being, what has the Siege K04 gaming mouse got in plenitude?

The word ‘balance’ rings a bell. The general shape, determination and catch positions all seem great on the main investigation. Also, the more we utilized this pointing gadget, the better the experience got – generally.

For devotees of the mouse, this is a great prolonged pear-drop frame that works best with a right-gave hook hold, yet it can likewise be worked with palm and fingertip grasps.

Rubberised side boards help balance out purposes of contact, and long left and right catches on the upper face adapt well to fingers of fiercely varying lengths.

There are no under seven programmable catches situated around the Siege, however some of them have pre-characterized employments.

On the left are catches marked ‘expert marksman’, ‘forward’ and ‘back’, while the left, right, scroll haggle select catches are altogether situated on the best. All these utilization Omron changes appraised to 50 million ticks, so the Siege is very much prepared for the FPS whole deal.

The catches can be redone utilizing the Sound Blaster Connect application, in spite of the fact that modifying the DPI determination catch to accomplish something different evacuates that usefulness.

As the Sound Blaster Connect is regular to both the Siege and Vanguard console, you can characterize a mouse catch to create a console press or the other way around, alongside beforehand characterized macros.

Our lone disillusionment is that you can’t redo in view of what programming/amusement you’re right now running, making those changes hardly less helpful for the individuals who play a scope of titles.

The general feel of the Siege is one of accuracy, in both the pointer control and the catch activities. For the individuals who expect programming speeding up might encounter a little beginning bewilderment, yet for the individuals who don’t the Siege is an extremely characteristic directing gadget that doesn’t attempt toward out think its client.

The switches additionally have an actuation weight level that diminishes the occasions of incidental enactment. A positive viewpoint, however particularly recognizable on the DPI change switch, that if hit accidentally amid play can cause articulate tumult.


Inventive utilized the PixArt PMW3360 sensor to give the Siege a huge DPI extend, going from 200 to 12,000 in ventures of 100, for all intents and purposes discrediting the requirement for pointer increasing speed. You can even now characterize quickening and deceleration for those that like it, however regularly they’re deactivated.

Reasonably, a DPI of 12,000 is well past any human hand to viably utilize, so including one that high is for the most part about having a huge number that can be partitioned effortlessly.

The standard setup has the three conceivable DPI levels set to 400, 800 and 1400, and moves easily between utilizing the DPI determination catch. One of the thumb-actuated catches is pre-characterized as ‘expert marksman mode’, dropping the DPI briefly for accuracy shooting.

As mouse sensors go, this one hoists the Siege over those mice utilizing less expensive and more established sensor outlines.

RGB lighting

Like its Vanguard console sibling, the Siege has an inbuilt LED lighting framework that you can alter with programming. The LEDs are organized around the lower edge, where they can be vivified to make a Cylon compass or throbs.

There are a lot of alternatives for making custom light impacts, aside from the BlasterX logo that remaining parts unshakably red unless you kill lighting inside and out.

Every one of the alterations are put away on the gadgets claim memory, for simple transportability to another PC.

We liked

 Where this plan exceeds expectations is in giving adequate help to broadened gaming sessions.

The ergonomics aren’t one of a kind, being amazingly like some current Logitech models, yet they work for the greater part of hand sizes.

For the individuals who like brightening, the Siege goes somewhat more remote than most elective plans, where the lighting frequently seems to have been an idea in retrospect.

What’s more, the last purpose of legitimacy is the extraordinary PixArt PMW3360 sensor that gives the Siege an agile and positive feel that FPS players will venerate.

We disliked

¬†Measurably, 12% of the total populace are left-given, who are adequately overlooked by this outline. Making mice that work for both is testing, yet Creative didn’t attempt.

Another mellow aggravation is the BlasterX logo that is enlightened with a settled red LED. Given that you can recolor the mouse with 16.7 million shades around the base, why the logo is compelled to be red perpetually appears to be absurd.

The greatest obstacle for the Siege to get over is without a doubt its cost. Unless you’re in the market for a Razer Mamba, the cash Creative is requesting the Siege is high.

It costs more than the Razer Deathadder Chroma, Asus Gladius II ROG, Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB and Corsair M65 Pro RGB.

Final verdict

Some gamers will feel that at 115g the Siege is marginally too substantial for the most fast mouse developments, however we’re talking several grams more than the lightest plans.


The general weight adjust from front to back is great, however it’s less ideal side to side.

Be that as it may, these are minor focuses that didn’t stop the Siege performing great on a determination of titles and amusement writes.

In every single other regard, the Siege is a solid contender, with some fair ergonomics, adorable brightening and clean catch determination. The sensor is extraordinary, at 1000Hz surveying the control slack is unimportant and they even incorporate substitution feet should you destroy the processing plant introduced ones.

The main other reservation we have is the value, which is too high. In the US at this moment Creative has decreased it to $64.99 in an advancement, and ideally, they’ll expand this value alteration somewhere else soon.

For the principal endeavor at a gaming mouse Creative ought to be excited with how the Siege turned out.

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