Corsair Strafe Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
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Corsair Strafe Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Corsair Strafe Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Corsair has over and over inspired by its line of gaming consoles, including the Editors’ Choice K95 RGB. Its lower-estimated display, the Strafe Mechanical Gaming Keyboard ($100+), keeps up a similar strong trustworthiness, superior, and individual key customization fan gamers long for. The Strafe does not have a couple of the superior highlights of its more costly stablemates, for example, lighting shading alternatives and devoted full-scale keys, to hold its cost down, however, it’s as yet an extremely strong, reasonable gaming console.

Design and Features

Corsair has molded a smooth, alluring outline for its line of gaming consoles, and the Strafe is no exemption. It’s not made of aluminum like the K95 RGB and the Corsair K70 RGB, yet the plastic outside still looks and feels high caliber. The console’s face is covered in a finished, dark plastic, with a striking bed of smooth red underneath the keys.

Each key is molded from smooth, shaped plastic, except for the space bar, which is finished, cross-brought forth steel. The Strafe is of standard size and weight, at 1.57 by 6.69 by 17.63 inches (HWD) and 2.9 pounds. You can take in out and about in a rucksack or bigger pack, yet I wouldn’t precisely call it compact. Not at all like the other two Corsair consoles, the Strafe does exclude a wrist rest, separable or something else.

The 104 keys have Cherry MX Red mechanical switches—the same as those utilized as a part of the Corsair K95 RGB—with 100-percent against ghosting and full-key rollover to counteract slack and info sticking. The Cherry MX Red switches offer a smooth, responsive feel without the additional capacity of being heard snap gave by the Cherry MX Blue variation. Each key is separately illuminated, however the main shading choice is red, which coordinates pleasantly with the red foundation underneath the keys.

Through Corsair’s Utility Engine programming, you can make any lighting design you’d like, or look over six presets. These incorporate a swell out from each key you press, a wave that dashes forward and backward over the keys evenly, a scattered rain of lights through and through, and a few different examples. You can make your own particular impacts with a touch of experimentation as you take in the product, yet the included presets are extremely engaging.

You can likewise make macros through programming (and you can record and spare any catch succession), and each key on the Strafe is programmable. The Corsair K95 RGB incorporates 18 “G-Keys” on the left-hand side that is intended to fill in as devoted full scale catches, yet you’ll need to manage with allotting charges to standard keys on the Strafe. The general choices are not exactly at the level of the Corsair K90 RGB, the BlackWidow Tournament Edition Chroma $119+, or the Corsair K70 RGB, all of which offer 16.8 million hues for key lighting, however, adaptability is as yet solid for a more affordable console.

There are two additional keys on the upper right corner of the console, which enable you to switch lighting splendor and impair the Windows key amid diversions. The brilliance key burns the lighting through low, medium, and high forces (33 percent, 66 percent, and 100 percent, separately, as indicated by the product), and can likewise turn it off out and out. The Strafe likewise incorporates a USB go through for associating your mouse or another fringe, an element missing from both the Corsair K95 RGB and K70 RGB. Corsair covers the item with a two-year guarantee.


I tried the Strafe for a few days as a rule utilize and gaming situations, and left away inspired. It’s anything but difficult to type on, and not upsettingly boisterous for a mechanical console. The column of capacity keys is separated what appears to be superfluously far from the number line, influencing you to extend a bit to get to the sight and sound keys for volume and music control, however, that is a moderately minor protestation. The Strafe was tried and true amid gaming sessions, constantly responsive and ready to keep pace with exceptional segments of shooters and activity amusements. It feels great to use for composing and gaming, and did not slide or move around amid gameplay in testing.

You can’t be shading code areas of the console for various capacities as you would on the Corsair K95 RGB, so the lighting here is to a great extent stylish. In any case, the lights are brilliant, and I found the impacts simple to set up and change. Joined with the almost interminable large scale mixes and programmable catches, the Strafe can be tweaked to your stylish and execution inclinations to best suit the sort of amusement you’re playing.


The Strafe keeps up the basic highlights of a mechanical gaming console while keeping the cost direct. Certain highlights in the Corsair K95 RGB and K70 RGB, for example, backdrop illumination shading choices and a wrist rest, aren’t a piece of the Strafe’s list of capabilities, yet the assemble quality and elite required for a smooth gaming knowledge remain. In case you’re searching for a direct, trustworthy gaming console with a lot of customization alternatives, the Corsair Strafe Mechanical Gaming Keyboard won’t disillusion. The Corsair K95 RGB remains our Editors’ Choice for its prevalent form quality, devoted large scale keys, and shading choices, however, the Corsair Strafe is an awesome moderate option.

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