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Corsair Glaive RGB Gaming Mouse Review

Corsair Glaive RGB Review

Corsair is one of the primary brands that ring a bell with regards to gaming consoles, RAM, control supplies, cooling, and PC cases. With regards to gaming mice, however, the organization has attempted to make a notorious item. The gaming equipment producer’s most recent endeavor is the Corsair Glaive RGB, which comes evaluated at $69 (about £50, AU$90) as an immediate contender to the $69 (£69, AU$119) Razer DeathAdder Elite.

It’s pricier than other wired gaming mice, similar to the $49 or £69 (about AU$65) Logitech G Pro. Be that as it may, this Corsair Glaive RGB has a couple of one of a kind highlights including a standout amongst the most touchy optical sensors available and compatible thumb holds. Lamentably, in some ways, the Glaive neglects to venture out from under the shadow of Corsair’s past gaming mice like the M65 Pro RGB.

Corsair Glaive RGB designed as a gaming mouse

The Corsair Glaive RGB is a major mouse. Estimating 3.6 x 4.95 x 1.75 inches (W x L x H), this is a mouse nobody ought to whine about being too little unless they have genuinely tremendous hands. On account of its expansive size, your hand will normally fall into a palm hold.

Corsair invested a great deal of energy getting the ergonomics without flaw on the Glaive, and it appears. The formed state of the fringe feels superbly intended for comfort.

Nearly the whole surface is covered in delicate touch paint, giving it a material and grippable surface for you to clutch. In spite of the fact that the mouse isn’t sufficiently wide for your ring finger and pinky to lay on, there’s a finished cushion on the correct side of the mouse to grasp against.

The side catches are likewise distinctively measured and molded sufficiently only for you to unquestionably utilize them in the warmth of the fight without looking. In like manner, the DPI (dabs per inch) status lights are astutely put on the left face of the mouse, making it simple to check your affectability setting initially.

The Glaive additionally accompanies exchangeable attractive thumb grasps to additionally enlarge the ergonomics. At first, the mouse accompanies a basic, delicate touch-covered connection that mixes with whatever is left of the mouse. From that point, you could join an amplified and finished thumb grasp or another that incorporates a broadened thumb rest.

As bosses of RGB lighting, Corsair generally got things right, giving the whole mouse a three-zone backdrop illumination framework that is delicate and diffused. We say “for the most part” on the grounds that there’s a little split of light spillage simply over the side catches.

Truly, it’s a little issue you need to go searching for – else, it doesn’t trouble us while playing.

While we like the substantial size and agreeable state of the Glaive, there’s an unpreventable inclination this is a passage level item – not top of the line like its cost infers. Upon first lifting it up, we figured it would be valued under 40 bucks instead of as an excellent gaming mouse.

Obviously, there are different components that factor into the cost, however, the materials all alone are disillusioning. It likewise appears like a confounding stepback thinking about the Corsair’s last first-individual shooter (FPS) mouse was the to a great extent metal M65 Pro RGB, which propelled at an underlying $59 (£69, AU$89) cost.

What are we looking for Corsair gaming mouse performance

The Corsair Glaive RGB’s greatest champion element is its Pixart 3367 sensor, one of the most recent optical sensors with most extreme DPI of 16,000. At the most elevated affectability, you could influence a 1,440-degree to turn and whip through four diversion universes by simply moving the mouse an inch.

Alright, that is an embellishment – yet you can essentially accomplish pixel-culminate accuracy with this gaming mouse. In case you’re without a mousepad, you can breathe a sigh of relief in light of the fact that the Glaive accompanies a tunable sensor, so you can align and streamline following on any surface.

It’s likewise important that Corsair banded together with Pixart to make the sensor, so you’ll just discover them in the organization’s peripherals.

What’s much greater than the pinpoint center are the Omron switches, which click with simply the scarcest press and reset quicker than you can squint. When you’re hitting left snap more than 1,000 times for each MOBA (multiplayer online fight field) coordinate, weariness is a colossal issue, so we acknowledge how Corsair has limited the protection on the mouse catches.

Final Verdict

The Corsair Glaive RGB is a strong FPS and MOBA mouse, especially for gamers with bigger gloves. It’s a standout amongst the most agreeable and responsive mice we’ve utilized for gaming while at the same time offering a sensor and compatible thumb grasps you won’t discover on the Razer DeathAdder or its different rivals.

All things considered, we can’t pardon the disappointingly plasticky body particularly when Corsair offers the M65 Pro RGB, a metal-clad and weighted mouse, for less. At last, there are more things we like about the Glaive RGB than we despise. It additionally offers better ergonomics and a refreshed, higher-affectability sensor that makes it well worth taking a gander at.

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