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How to Connect a Bluetooth Speaker| Easy Steps to Pair a Computer, Tablet & Mobile Devices

How to connect to bluetooth speaker


Have you ever wondered how devices connect to a Bluetooth Speaker? Bluetooth speakers connection allow wireless connection to devices so we can listen to music, podcast or watch video streaming from laptop, tablets or our mobile phones. These speakers are versatile and can be use for in many different purpose, from outdoor camping, water sports activities or even in your shower! In order for the speakers to work they must be discoverable and paired with the sound source device. This article will show you easy steps on how to connect your Bluetooth speaker to a computer, mobile devices such as android or iphone smartphones and tablets so you can truly enjoy the streaming sounds out of your favorite lists!



How to Pair Bluetooth speaker

In order to use the speaker with any device such as a computer, smartphones, or a tablet the speaker need to be set up. There are some basic guidelines but they will vary slightly based on make and model and will help you connect to a Bluetooth Speaker of your choice.

  •  The speakers need to be plugged into an outlet if it’s AC powered. If the speakers are wireless make sure that it is fully charged or have new batteries installed.
  • Turn on the speaker and push the bluetooth button, this will make it discoverable or be able to be found by your device. This will also allow other devices close enough to be able to communicate with the speakers.How to connect to computer and mobile devices
  • Make sure that the device is turned on and placed close to the speaker. The other device needs to have their Bluetooth turned on as well.

Some speakers will be able to be discovered as soon as the power is turned on. There are some other speakers will a button needs to be pushed in order to allow the speakers to communicate with the other devices.

Connect to a Bluetooth Speakers using a Computer or Laptop

In order to connect with a computer make sure the computer has a bluetooth built-in.
To connect your speaker to your laptop/computer:

  • Turn-on the speakers so it’s discoverable by your laptop.
    This can be done by powering on the speaker and pushing the bluetooth icon to make discoverable.
  • From your windows computer, click the windows icon > devices and printers
    Select Add a device > select the device (in this case speaker you are trying to connect) > Next and follow the instructions to complete your wireless connection
    The computer may say the brand of the speakers or they may call them speakers or a paring code. Click on the device to allow it to communicate.
  • Once the communication has been successful, check your connectivity by finding a music on your computer and hit play. This should also work on streaming video services.

If your computer has no built-in bluetooth, you will need an adapter which can be plugged into your computer USB port and perform the bluetooth connectivity function.

bluetooth usb adapter


How to Connect  Bluetooth speakers to Mobile Devices

connect bluetooth speaker to iphone

Bluetooth speakers can be used with smartphones but they will need to be paired. Bluetooth speakers can be used on either an Android Operating system or even the iOS operating system that is used by the iPhone. The setting may vary by smartphone model but most of them will follow the standard procedure.

Go to the settings on your phone. Select bluetooth, check or switch to on-position. When the speaker brand, name or model appear on the phone tap to select and pairing should be automatic. You can now play the music from your smartphone!


How to Connect Bluetooth speaker to the Echo device

The echo device is voice controlled and all you have to do is say the name of the music, news, etc and the Echo will be able to play it for you.

  •  The speakers and the echo should be kept at least three feet apart so there is no interference.
  • Both devices should have their Bluetooth mode turned on so they can be discoverable. Only one echo device will be able to connect to the Bluetooth connection for the speakers at a time.

connect echo to devices

  • Once both devices are turned on open the Alexa app on the echo. Select the Bluetooth and then look for the speakers. You may have to click on to pair a new device and wait until the speaker appear. Once the echo is able to discover the speakers you can now begin to search for your favorite music.

This step makes it easy to connect to the speakers the next time you turn on your speaker. All you have to is say connect and the echo will be able to connect to the last device it was paired with.


How to Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers

A bluetooth speaker can be connected to other speakers so you can enjoy the music or play it louder to your ears desire.

  • If the speakers are of the older versions / model, you will need a wireless bluetooth receiver or transmitter. This small box are cheap and there are many different receivers out there to choose from.

Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver Wireless Adapter

This multi-function receiver can connect your analog older speaker models via wire and wirelessly connect to other bluetooth enabled speakers and devices.

There are different outputs and features on the receiver so be sure to look for the right one for your needs.

This receiver is then plugged into the older speakers based on the connection they use and the wires. Once the speaker is connected, you can turn on the other bluetooth speakers as well.

You may need to set-up the Bluetooth speaker to set-up the connection. This is simple and within a matter of seconds the speakers will be paired up.


How to Connect Bluetooth Speaker to an iPad

Bluetooth speakers are also able to connect to iPads. They can connect to different operating systems and the standard procedure is simple.

  • The Bluetooth speakers need to be turned on so they are discoverable by your iPad device.
  • Go to your iPad, select settings. From settings, select the general option and select Bluetooth in order to turn it on.

Connect iPad to Bluetooth Speaker

Wait for a couple of seconds until the speaker is discoverable. Tap to choose the speaker (either the speaker model or brand will usually appear) in order to activate it.


How to Connect Bluetooth Speaker to Google

Google can be connected to the Bluetooth speaker with its homepage. This will allow you to have additional audio when using Google.

  • You will need to use another device such as a smartphone or a tabler in order to set this feature.
  • Go to the Google home app. When this appears tap on the device icon which is located at the top right of the screen. All discoverable devices will appear here including your bluetooth speaker.
  • When the speaker appears on this page tap on the menu key which looks like three vertical dots that are in the top right corner of the speaker.
  • Click on the settings tab in the device menu. One the device settings page click on the default music speaker. The bluetooth speaker will be here,  next click on pair Bluetooth speaker.

Once they are pair the speaker will then be able to connect to the Google home. Try to connect to a music button  to make sure the speaker is working properly. The speaker can then be used to allow you to listen to any music or audio from this point on.


Fixing Bluetooth connection issues

If there is trouble connecting your bluetooth speakers to the computer/laptop, smartphones or other devices, below are some measures that can be taken to fix the problem:

  • Pairing issues: Remove or delete devices list in your phone – your phone may only be able to save certain number of bluetooth devices, so clean up your list or try deleting those you don’t use and try setting up the connection again.
  • Pairing issues: Clean your phone cache memory by refreshing your device list – this step should clear up any system glitches and pair up your device the next time you try to connect again.
  • Pairing issues: Check the status of the other device, make sure it is on and fully-charged as some devices will not wirelessly pair if the battery level is too low.
  • Pairing issues: Check for system updates to make sure you have the latest system patch for your device – manufacturers sometimes perform system updates that hinders you from using or making use of the bluetooth, so check this one to make sure you have the latest software system or driver update in your device.
  • Pairing issues: Try turning off your devices and back on again. This will usually clear any connection glitches.
  • Pairing issues: Try to perform pairing away from your Wi-Fi router as they function in the same realm as your devices.
  • Pairing issues: Try to perform pairing away from a 3.0 USB port as they can cause interference.
  • Proximity issues: depending on your brand and manufacturer, devices typically lose connection when they are far apart or have obstructions between them. Try to pair again and connect devices within 1-2 feet distance.
  • No sound: Check your source device volume to make sure it is not on mute. Then check your speaker volume set-up. Try also checking your connection, make sure you are connected to the correct speaker.


Best wireless Bluetooth Speakers

Assuming you are eyeing to get a new wireless speaker, there are some quality bluetooth speakers out there that will fascinate and meet your needs to listen to high-quality music anywhere and anytime.

1. UE BOOM 2 Panther

This is one of the best on-the-go, amazing 360-degree blast sound, compatible with IOS and Google voice integration, chargeable battery for 15-hour music galore, up to 100-foot wireless range, IPX7 waterproof-ness for a party like no other.

2. Oontz Angle 3XL Ultra
This Bluetooth is portable so it can be taken on the go.

This speaker is 14 watts and will allow you to set up the bass music features. The speaker can work within 100 feet of the wireless device that it is connected to. The speaker is also waterproof which will give the user peace of mind around water.

3. JBL Flip 4 Waterproof

This speaker has 3000mAh ion batteries that will allow you to play for up to 12 hours before it needs to be recharged. This speaker has a dual external connection of 100 JBL so that the music will be astoundingly loud. For little speakers, they pack a lot of power.

4. Doss Touch
This speaker has HD sound as well as a strong bass that can be adjusted according to your taste for listening.

This speaker has touch control for easy manipulation of sounds and the tracks that are playing. The music is in high definition and these speakers can get very loud. It will provide loud music to a party and even if they lose connection to a device it will be able to reconnect automatically. This speaker can play up to 12 hours before it needs to be recharged and will still play strong.

5. Bose 752195 0100
This speaker is small but powerful. It is also waterproof so it can be used outdoors and is protected from spills as well.

There is a silicone exterior and the speaker is wireless. There is a voice prompt on the speaker that can be used to connect to other devices. This will make it easy to connect to computers, smartphones, and other devices. The speaker is even able to be paired with NFC devices. This Bluetooth speaker can be used for more than just playing music. There is a built-in mic that will allow you to have access to digital assistants such as Siri or Alexa and even Google now on this device.

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