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Bose SoundSport Free Truly Headphones

Bose SoundSport Free Truly Headphones

Bose SoundSport Free Truly Headphones

Bose enters the genuine remote headphone field with a victor. On the off chance that you can deal with the high $199.95 value, the SoundSport Free headphones are the best sans wire choice we’ve tried yet. They’re anything but difficult to work, fit safely, and are less demanding to combine than the opposition. Include a capable sound mark with an accentuation on bass, and you get our Editors’ Choice. Simply bear in mind there are strong alternatives like the JLab Epic Air accessible for far less.


Accessible in dark or midnight blue models, the in-ear SoundSport Free headphones accompany a charging case that houses two separate earpieces, each with removable ear tips and blades. They look sharp, in spite of being thick (with a specific end goal to lean against your ears for a safe fit), and are additionally very lightweight. While intended to be sweat-and rain-safe, the IPX4-evaluated SoundSport headphones are not waterproof, so don’t run swimming with them in. There are genuine remote sets you can submerge, similar to the Bragi Dash, yet don’t depend on them for swimming, either; without a flawless seal you won’t hear much as planned regardless of whether the headphones are playing submerged.

One prompt plan choice we give Bose props for: There’s no auto-delay work here. In case you’re playing music and you evacuate the headphones, sound doesn’t naturally stop as it does on numerous contending models. The element has been distorted as a type of comfort, when it’s extremely only there to spare battery life. Be that as it may, having music stop when you’re essentially altering an earpiece, or having it play consequently when you put them in your ears, is as a rule irritating.

Bose keeps away from some other regular stumbles also, similar to the utilization of swipes and even head-and signal based developments (we’re taking a gander at you, Bragi) to control unreasonably numerous activities. Rather you get real material catches, and they’re genuinely simple to work. The correct earpiece houses controls for playback, call administration, and track route (the focal multifunction catch), flanked by committed volume up/down catches. Once in a while it’s difficult to squeeze them in legitimately, however you in the end get the method down—and it’s surely superior to anything the constrained on-ear controls on the Apple AirPods.

The Bose Connect application (for Android and iOS) makes associating the two separate earpieces a basic procedure—and believe us, this isn’t generally the situation when blending without wire headphones. The application does all the reasoning and legwork for you—simply have it open when you expel the headphones from the charging case out of the blue. Once you’ve done the underlying matching, the headphones will auto-combine each time you expel them from the case.

Inside the Settings menu of the application you can deal with the Bluetooth association, set an auto-off clock (with interims of 5, 20, and 40 minutes, 60 minutes, 3 hours, or never), and empower or handicap voice prompts. There’s a playback menu at the base of the screen that extends when tapped—you can control playback, track route, and volume from here. Shockingly, there are no movable EQ settings, which would have been a decent touch.

The application likewise gives a Find Your Earphones include, which stores the last known area of the SoundSport Free being utilized with your telephone. Individuals appear to be distrustful about losing or losing one earpiece, so it’s decent to have a choice that fills you in as to whether you last utilized your headphones at the rec center or in your auto. You can even power them to make a sound in case you’re inside Bluetooth extend.

The charging case itself is likewise mindfully composed. A fasten front pops open the cover and uncovers the shaped charging supports. Like most cases we’ve seen, the earpieces are fit properly utilizing magnets—fundamental, on the grounds that the charging contacts on the earpieces need to agree with the contacts in the supports. LEDs reveal to you when the charging contacts are touching and charging is happening. Snap the top close, and you have a 1.5-by-4.0-by-1.9-inch (HWD) dark barrel shaped case that should fit in pretty much any duffel bag, tote, or coat stash. The back board of the case houses the port for the included USB charging link—when you interface it, status LEDs on the front of the case demonstrate to you how much squeeze the case is right now holding.

Bose gauges the headphones get five hours for every a solitary charge. Truly, that number is low for Bluetooth headphones when all is said in done, however it’s not low for sans wire headphones, which normally last in the vicinity of three and four hours. Consequently, the case conveys up to two extra full charges after the first. Bose claims 15 minutes of charging will get you around 45 minutes of battery life—however your outcomes will change with your volume levels.


It’s critical while putting the headphones in your ears to turn them a bit to guarantee a protected fit. The included three sets of StayHear don eartips (in S, M, and L) highlight worked in steady blades that lean against the ear. On the off chance that you don’t wind them, even the best possible measured ear tip can feel free—you ought to have the capacity to shake your head overwhelmingly without feeling like they’ll drop out. Bose completed a strong activity with making an additional safe fit in such manner.

Bose SoundSport Free inlineThe worked in mic offers strong understandability. Utilizing the Voice Memos application on an iPhone 6s, we could see each word we recorded. There were some sound antiques that made things somewhat fluffy in spots, yet this is normal of Bluetooth headphone mics, and the SoundSport Free’s completes a superior than-normal employment of conveying clear stable.

In summation, while a great part of the opposition maybe surged a few early models to advertise, Bose took a year and calmly gained from their rivals’ numerous missteps. This is the least demanding to utilize, simplest to combine, and most streamlined outline we’ve tried in the genuine remote classification hitherto.

Try not to be thrown off by the “volume-improved EQ” language—it’s simply one more term for advanced flag preparing (DSP). The bass levels may increment at bring down volume levels to give a more full stable, for example, while at top volumes it gets dialed back, as it does through most headphones utilizing DSP. Perfectionists won’t this way, particularly since there’s no real way to change EQ in the application. Be that as it may, in case you’re not searching for a totally level, reference-style listening knowledge, you wouldn’t fret by any means.


On tracks with extraordinary sub-bass substance, as knife The’s “Noiseless Shout,” the headphones convey pounding bass reaction paying little heed to the volume, and at top volume levels there is no mutilation. In case you’re the sort of individual who gets persuaded in their exercise by included bass profundity, the SoundSport Free won’t baffle you. Bill Callahan’s “Drover,” for example, is a track that doesn’t have a ton of profound bass in the blend, however through the SoundSport Free, the two his baritone vocals and the drums get a pleasant lift—the vocals are additional rich in the low-mids, and the drums sound out and out booming. Fortunately, Bose completes a sensible activity conveying some fresh high-mid and high recurrence nearness also. This is an exceptionally bass-forward sound mark that is not the slightest bit precise, however gives some strong harmony amongst lows and highs in its extremely etched conveyance.

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