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How to Connect a Bluetooth Speaker| Easy Steps to Pair a Computer, Tablet & Mobile Devices

  Have you ever wondered how devices connect to a Bluetooth Speaker? Bluetooth speakers connection allow wireless connection to devices so we can listen to music, podcast or watch video streaming from laptop, tablets or our mobile phones. These speakers are versatile and can be use for in many different purpose, from outdoor camping, water […]

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Magic Mouse 2 Review

Magic Mouse 2Magic Mouse 2 Review The new Magic Mouse 2 has one noteworthy distinction from the past Magic Mouse: It now packs a rechargeable lithium-particle battery. Due to that change, however, it’s presently lighter and has new “feet” that enable it to skim smoother than any time in recent memory. I’ll get this off […]

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Logitech G903 Review

Logitech G903 review The Logitech G900 has ruled as the undisputed ruler of remote gaming mice since it was presented a year ago. Presently, a successor has just been named with the Logitech G903. To many, this fringe may appear like an untimely continuation. Notwithstanding, its capacity to always draw control from Logitech’s new PowerPlay […]